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What Parents Say:

My son is autistic and has received over 140 sessions of neurofeedback. The changes in him are astounding. But we didn't see them day-to-day. It was more like a gradual change. We could see the difference because we would compare this month to last month. Also we took data of his behavioral episodes and they dramatically decreased. Most of the decreases we saw between session 20 - 36. Then we would take a break. He would maintain. We would start again after a rest and another QEEG mapping. They use the mapping to define the protocol.

In addition to a dramatic reduction in aggression, self-injurious and destructive behavior, my son also showed significant improvement in attention, engagement, language, and self-control. He also became much more social. I wish we had discovered it years earlier.
~ Jill

After many years of trying both traditional and untraditional therapies to help combat my son's symptoms of autism with little success, I decided to try neurofeedback. I only wish I had heard about this therapy 10 years ago! What a difference it has made in my son's life. He is much better able to regulate his emotions, he can snap back from an upset much more quickly, and his desire for social interaction has increased tremendously. Dr. O'Donnell and Yana have been incredibly kind and patient with Liam and a great source of support for me. This is the first therapy that has visibly created positive changes in Liam. School has also reported seeing much improvement in Liam's behavior and his ability to stay on task. I tell every parent I meet about neurofeedback and believe very strongly in its ability to improve the quality of my child's life.
~ Teresa

I had the pleasure to get to work with not only Dr. O’Donnell but also his staff of Dr. Sam and Yana.  They are fantastic people with highly caring personalities.  After reading the article on October 2010 on Dr. O’Donnell, I decided to give a try just like any parents would and I am glad I did.  Nasar made lot of improvement over the nine months with eye contact, less hyper and impulsive, better focusing on projects and he is speaking better without problems finding words.  He is sleeping better.  We continue to see improvements and hope for more.  I highly recommend trying Dr. O’Donnell and his staff.  I had been searching for someone for help and treatments that could help.  I couldn’t be happier.
~ Hasan

Thank you for giving me back my child!
~ Mary

The biggest thing that blew me away with the brain map was in a year of doing feedback the hot spots cleared up!  AMAZING things happened and we tell everyone how beneficial feedback is.
~ Anita P.

Definitely something to try before medicine! Stick with it because you will absolutely see improvement.
~ Michelle S.

It [biofeedback] lets him [rein] in his emotions so we can keep them at a manageable level.
~ Francine F., Austin's mother

Josh definitely has a connection with Dr. Sam, he can get him to concentrate and do the things he needs to do to improve, and I am seeing improvement in his overall attitude. He doesn't get upset as much as he used to, so I see that the biofeedback is working.
~ Jeri H., Josh's mother

He had a lot of anxiety just from loss of control, and I think this has been important for him to do along with the medication. He really needed to see some hope at that point. It seems to be calming for him, and I think he identifies with Dr. Sam because he's easy to get along with.
~ Patricia A., Patrick's mother

Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer is an attractive young woman with streaks of red and gold in her hair, a nice smile, and a bright outlook on life. But things weren't always this way. Beginning in elementary school, she was diagnosed by her family physician as having ADD and placed on medication. With help from some dedicated counselors and a good special education program, this approach worked for her throughout middle and high school. Pursuing a career in cosmetology since her junior year and nearing completion of a two-year course to receive her state license, things started to get dicey. After graduating from high school in June of last year, she began to prepare for a series of tests that required a lot of studying. "I'm a horrible test taker," Jennifer says, and the frustration of preparing for exams was really starting to get to her. Much of her problem stems from short-term memory loss and issues of retention. Because of her history of learning disabilities, her sister, then an intern completing her graduate work in psychology, thought Dr. O'Donnell might be able to help. As it turns out, she was right. Jennifer began going for biofeedback sessions as soon as she knew the tests were going to be a problem. She was not going to let her fear of tests keep her from reaching her lifelong dream.


"Ever since I was in first grade, I knew this was what I wanted to do." She went for sessions twice a week during the first two or three months then cut back to once a week because of work demands. By the fifth month, she was off medication completely and functioning on a much better level. Tests she had failed repeatedly were no longer the daunting tasks she once dreaded, and the all-important state licensing final was passed with room to spare. "When my mom found out I had finally passed, she was so proud of me she began to cry." Aside from passing tests, getting off medication and developing better study habits are two of the nice treatment benefits Jennifer now enjoys.

When she speaks about the gains she has made, confidence is at the top of her list. The emotional boost has paid off nicely for her and she is well on her way to living a more independent life. She has her own car, her own insurance and two jobs. One of the things she likes most about the biofeedback approach is the convenience; it fits in well with her busy schedule and doesn't make extraordinary demands of her time. Before parting, I asked Jennifer if she planned to stick with biofeedback. Without hesitation she replied, "When you can see results, it makes it easy to go on."



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The biggest thing that blew me away with the brain map was in a year of doing feedback the hot spots cleared up! AMAZING things happened and we tell everyone how beneficial feedback is.
--Anita P.

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