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Fight Stress With These 10 Simple Pick-Me-Ups

Are you stressed at work? You can reduce the tension and lift that heavy burden off yourself simply by laughing out loud. When you laugh, you increase the amount of oxygen to your organs as well as increase blood flow. So turn on the TV for some comedy and invite a couple of friends over for a stress-lowering session.

Petting your dog is also good for your health. Even for just a couple of minutes, dog petting can facilitate the release of serotonin, oxytocin and prolactin (these are feel-good hormones). These naturally occurring substances can reduce the negative effects of stress, lower your blood pressure and boost your immunity.

Do clutter and mess contribute to your stress? De-stress by uncluttering your space; it can be very satisfying and it’s good exercise, too. Clean up the house, tackle your utility bill or work on your child’s assignment.

Did you know orange juice can help manage your stress levels? It’s the vitamin C in the juice that lowers the production of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. You can also get your daily dose of vitamin C from grapefruit juice and strawberries.

When stressed out, try cranking up your singing voice and belt out a tune (although we recommend doing it in the shower). Singing can put you in a better mood. It’s also good for your breathing, heart and immune system.

If you have been doing late-nighters or overtime work at the office lately, ease the stress by talking a walk. This mild, low-impact exercise can lift your mood, improves your focus and make you feel good. Try taking a 30-minute stroll each morning.

Want to make stress the last thing on your mind? Have sex. Getting frisky is known to lower blood pressure, make you sleep better and boost self-esteem.


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