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Understanding Fertility Problems: Treatments for WomenLos problemas de fertilidad: tratamientos para las mujeres

Understanding Fertility Problems: Treatments for Women

Your doctor will talk with you about your options for treating problems that affect your fertility. Some treatments help improve the passage of sperm or eggs through the reproductive tract. Others make it easier for an embryo to implant in the uterus.

Improving the Passage of Sperm

Many treatments can help improve the passage of sperm. Some treatments focus on problems with the cervix. Others make it easier for sperm to move through the fallopian tubes. Be aware that some problems are best treated with assisted reproduction.

Through the Cervix

Treating problems with the cervix can improve sperm's ability to enter the uterus and swim to the fallopian tubes.

  • Cervical infections can be treated using antibiotics.

  • Too little cervical mucus can slow or block the passage of sperm. This can be treated with estrogen or assisted reproduction.

Problems that may affect female fertility

Through the Fallopian Tubes

Treatments for the fallopian tubes help make it easier for sperm to reach and fertilize an egg.

  • A tubal blockage near the uterus is sometimes treated by inserting a thin tube called a catheter through the blocked tube. In other cases, assisted reproduction is used to overcome the problem.

  • Adhesions can be removed with surgery. More often, assisted reproduction is used to overcome the problem.

Improving Implantation

Treatment for implantation issues depends on the problem. Adhesions, fibroids, or a uterine septum can be removed with hysteroscopic surgery. Other endometrial problems can often be treated with hormone therapy.

Treating Endometriosis

Tissue similar to the uterine lining can grow in other parts of the reproductive tract. This can cause painful or abnormal menstrual periods. It can also lead to fertility problems. To remove the excess tissue, laparoscopic surgery is used.

Reversing Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation is surgery that prevents pregnancy by blocking the fallopian tubes. It is often called "having your tubes tied." Tubal ligation can sometimes  be reversed using surgery to reconnect the tubes. However, the chances of success are not certain. Talk with your doctor to learn more.


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